Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Pantone Fall 2014: Aluminum

 Gray Mother-of-Pearl Shell & Pearl Sterling Silver Bracelet

Yippee, yahoo and gadzooks! Let’s hear it for the Pantone Fall 2014 Color Report. Aluminum – Pantone simply described it as a cross between silver and gray -- heavenly is how I describe it. Yes, I am one of those people that absolutely loves the soft mysterious hues of the color gray. I am a bit of a purist, in that I like my gray, plain and simple. So, I'm conflicted as to how I feel about the color combinations highlighted by various designers in the Fall 2014 Color Report.

Their designs incorporate the gorgeous Aluminum with Bright Cobalt, Radiant Orchid, Royal Blue, Misted Yellow, and Cognac. Not to be totally closed, I am tempted to style a few combos in jewelry – aluminum tossed with some of the other bright Pantone Fall 2014 colors. I'm pretty set in my clothing style so not much room there for experimentation; but, at times, I can be experimental with the jewelry I style. So we’ll see if I really do it or not! Bets?

 Gray Mother-of-Pearl & Pearl Sterling Silver Necklace

While I say I like my gray plain and simple…not sure that’s the fact when talking about the jewelry in my line. Since I work with real gemstones, I do tinker with varying shades of gray in each piece mixing up gemstones, pearls and mother-of-pearl that are in all ranges of gray, of sorts. Many of the pieces in the line revolve around the loveliness of shimmery silvery gray mother-of-pearl. Why? Personally, I think that mother-of-pearl is the most underrated organic stone in the world of jewelry. I do see very, very (emphasis on the very) high-end jewelry designers building complete collections around specific species of shell/mother-of-pearl, so I guess I’m not alone in my love of it. If you haven't lately, take a minute to really look at it closely. In the light the colors go far beyond gray. Yes, you’ll see flashes of cobalt, orchid and shades of pinks. So…maybe I’m not so far off the Pantone designs that suggest the mixture of the Aluminum with the brighter colors for Fall 2014. Something else to ponder. One thing I don't need to think about...right now, is that I do love designing with and wearing mother-of-pearl. It feels nice to the touch and when I really look into it I am transported to some mystical place. Aerie-faerie? Maybe...but the good news is that I know it!

 Gray Mother-of-Pearl & Crystal Quartz Gemstone Bangle Rope Bracelet

Mother-of pearl is not the only gray gemstone I work with. I love banded sardonyx in its natural gray, golden and rainbow obsidian shimmer with shades of gray and there is something a bit intriguing about pyrite quartz. So look for them on the site/shop -- you won't be disappointed. Here is just one design my take on a sophisticated version of a friendship bracelet. Just because you don't go to sleep-away camp in the summer doesn't mean you have to give up your love for friendship bracelets. Now you can have a style that is office appropriate and just feels good on your wrist.

Rainbow Obsidian, Sardonyx, Snow Quartz Friendship Charm Rope Bangle

You be the judge. Will you be mixing your shades of gray with yellow, blue or red in the fall? I’d love to see how you style one or two of these striking gemstone designs. It’s so amazing to me how creative all of you are and it makes me really happy to see your outfits of the day and how you pop the OOTD with jewelry pieces from my collection.

 Golden Obsidian, Crystal Quartz & Pearl Gemstone Sterling Silver Necklace

 Pyrite Quartz Gemstone & Pearl Bracelet

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