Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pantone Fall 2014: Misted Yellow

 Yellow Calcite & Crystal Quartz Potato Chip Bracelet

Misted Yellow – with just a hint of spice. I'm thinking that sounds either very exotic…or a bit like Dijon mustard! And, for me, and perhaps all you moms out there, a third image comes to mind; but I’ll spare you those details! Yes, Misted Yellow is a color selection in the Pantone® Fashion Report Fall 2014. How do I feel about yellow? I really do love it, but I struggle with wearing big hunks of yellow, misted or any other hue, in my clothing. In fact, I don’t think I have one thing that is yellow…do I? Sadly my skin and hair color really aren’t that chummy with yellow – but pushing that fact aside I still sneak yellow into my look. How? You guessed it…jewelry and shoes.

 Citrine, Freshwater Pearl, Crystal Quartz Sterling Charm Necklace

Luckily for those of us who aren’t nuts about neon yellow but love the softer, more sophisticated hues, Mother Nature is kind enough to create a few gemstones that just might get your attention! Top of the list, and also pretty well-known, is citrine – shown here in a couple different pieces. While both designs pair the citrine with crystal quartz and freshwater pearls, the final looks are very different. Besides being a lovely happy color, gemstone lore has it that when you wear citrine its sunny yellow color helps restore your mind and helps you maintain a positive outcome in daily life. That sounds great to me right about now. Wondering if it resonates with you?

 Freshwater Pearl Cross, Citrine & Moonstone Bracelet

Yellow calcite is another beautiful gemstone that is thought to spur intellectual capacity and boost energy levels…wow! Putting some on right now, I am! I’ve layered a yellow calcite and crystal quartz gemstone bracelet below with a vintage amber piece from my personal collection. I love the sunshine and energy of the gorgeous calcite tossed with the spice colors in the amber bracelet. I opened this entry with the same yellow calcite beauty layered with vintage bamboo and Bakelite bangles. Same bracelet...different looks. 

 Yellow Calcite, Crystal Quartz Gemstone Potato Chip Bracelet

For a bit of a bohemian look, there is a yellow calcite pendant that hangs from a knotted gold leather cord, making a long lean look. Paired with wirewrapped moonstone, crystal and snow quartz gemstones, the calcite in this piece is a bit softer in color and more translucent, making for an interesting and charming look. By the way, this piece makes a wonderful touchstone for you fidgety types. (That would be me!)

 Yellow Calcite, Moonstone, Crystal Quartz Pendant on Gold Leather Cord

Yellow jade, below in big polished coins, always works for me. I’m thinking you’ll love the look and style of this particular necklace, too. The supersized gemstone puffy coins are an exquisite companion to a variety of smoky quartz gemstones. A bit of a Pantone Cognac and Misted Yellow moment, perhaps? This necklace is a long one so you’ll have lots of wearing options. It looks fantastic alone; and it is great fun to layer it with others as shown. Since, no one styles you better than you, you'll have a ball with this necklace setting your own personal style…right? (Does anyone say "have a ball" anymore...or am I really dating myself? Not dating in the sense of going out to dinner and a movie...but in the sense of being very, very old!)

 Yellow Jade & Smoky Quartz Gemstone 42" Necklace

 Yellow Jade & smoky Quartz Necklace

Aragonite is another lovely gemstone – and shows up in a soft yellow variety below. Styled with carnelian, smoky quartz, agate and bits and bobs of jade, the soft and gentle neutral hue of aragonite adds just the right touch. For a completely different look, a single strand of gigantic gemstones, including bricks of aragonite, is sure to make you smile as the days get shorter and we see less sunshine. Worn alone or layered, the tumble of gemstones will certainly make just the right statement and leave a fabulous lasting impression everywhere you go.

 Carnelian Multi-Gemstone 48" Necklace

 Gemstone Treasure Necklace

So tell me in the comments section below just how you'll incorporate yellow, misted or other, into your personal style this fall?

P.S. Oh, damn, I almost forgot the shoes!

Multi- Gemstone Treasure Necklace