Monday, September 01, 2014

For the Love of Lavender Essential Oil -- Part Two

Out with the stitches…on with the lavender essential oil. Lucky you, I’ll spare all of you the gory details; but in a nutshell one week ago, I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from right above my brow and the stitches were removed on Friday. Before the doc removed those stitches he had to put many more in my calf where he had removed another skin cancer.

The good news with the MOHS surgery, I got to lay down for four hours while he opened, sliced, waited for lab results, sliced again, waited for more lab results and then worked his magic and whipped in those stitches. (If you are not familiar with the technique used to remove many skin cancers, goggle MOHS surgery and you can read more about it.)

The doc I went to is a MOHS Specialist, looks like he’s twelve years old, thus making Doogie Howser look like an old man! But, he was great – when he told me that he has done close to 10,000 of these procedures, that was enough to assuage my doubt. Having worked in and around the medical/pharmaceutical world for many years, it takes a lot to put me at ease when it comes to these types of things; and, I am notoriously known for not being the best patient. It's okay, you can read "bitch" into that last sentence if you want! But, after our initial conversation, where he explained in great detail the process and prognosis, I was completely at ease and felt confident in his skills. Alert the media, a surgeon with good patient skills! Since the patient (me) is conscious with only local meds during this procedure perhaps a charming personality is an asset -- it sure worked for me.

As for the healing part, I have had great success in the past with lavender essential oil for healing and reducing the possibility of scarring. If you haven’t read my post from long ago about my burn and my lavender treatment experience, click here and you can see what that was all about. With these new incisions I wanted to wait until the stitches were out before I started applying the oil – so forehead starts today and calf won’t happen until after September 10th. I’m not posting pix because they are pretty ugly – not that my burn pix from that previous post was any better; but for some reason with the sutures in place, the current ones look worse than it really is. Rest assured though, I am scoring good blogger points by taking pix along the way; and, perhaps I will post a before and after series. We’ll see. Meanwhile, I am just happy to have the two spots clean of the damn cancer. I’m not out of the woods yet, as I have one more on my shin that is being treated with medication, so hoping to avoid surgery with that one. Time will tell.

Rant warning! The granny in me has to say it – while I know the sun feels great and somewhere along the way some marketer got it in their wicked brain that having a tan makes you look more beautiful, thinner, more confident, rich, younger…you know the jargon. Well, I say poppycock! Honestly, the sun is not your friend! Even with an SPF, if you spend a lot of time in the sun, as you age you will begin to look like a lizard and there’s a good chance that you will end up with some type of sun-related skin cancer. So…it’s your call. You can buy into the marketing lies and roast yourself in the sun and pay for it later in life or protect your skin with hats, clothes and umbrellas. Yes, I love being outside and luckily I learned at an early age to protect my skin from sun damage…but even with that knowledge, here I am at 65 having cancers cut out of my body that were there thanks to the sun. So, if you hear some granny shouting “kids get out of the sun” know it’s just me looking after you because I care.

P.S. The organic lavender essential oil and balm shown in the pix here is from Central Coast Lavender Farm & Apothecary in Paso Robles, California. And, no, this post was not sponsored by them or the surgeon, for that matter! I just believe so much in the power of lavender oil for healing that I want to spread the word whenever I can. Oh, and the lavender blossom honey that found its way into the pix is from a local beekeeper – so a tablespoon a day helps with my allergies. Voodoo? Not at all!