Sunday, September 14, 2014

Morning Moon, Traffic Jams & Flags

It tickles me as I read through my Twitter and Instagram feeds – everyone is so busy and so hungry! I don’t know if it is my age now or my current country living self but I find myself wondering if anyone ever just hangs out at home. I know that when I lived in New York way back when, there were days I met up with friends for dinner, farmer’s markets, museums, Central Park and shows but I know that I spent a lot of time at home on the Upper East Side with Agatha, my Norwich Terrier. I’m the first to admit that I am a homebody to the max – to the point that people have stopped asking me to join in since they know I will most likely turn down their invitations.
I don’t think my contentment in being home is a new thing – as a kid I marveled at my brother as he ran to activity after activity after activity all on the same day. I remember telling him in our teens that he lives life like a person who just found out he has ten minutes to live so tries to cram it all in. Truth is I was a weird kid who has become a weirder adult. But, not sure it’s a bad thing – believe me, at this age I have tried to stop analyzing it! Last week, after reading all the fun blogs I follow, I thought I would chronicle my Friday here in the Pacific Northwest. Surprisingly, I was actually leaving home and the studio for the day (alert the media), so I could give you an idea of what it’s really like, this living in the country thing.

My big adventure started at 5:30, yes, in the morning, standing in my patio in my jammies marveling at the gorgeous morning moon. Sadly, I wasn’t quick enough to capture the silver jet stream glittering right below the moon. Everything was moving too quickly it seems (everything but me, that is) and by the time I got my camera outside the jet stream was still visible but way off in another frame – so the magic was gone – at least a bit of the magic.

As I started off to Dundee to meet up with my hairdresser extraordinaire, I got stuck in a traffic jam that only those who live in the country would understand. Yes, this was just one of many pieces of farm equipment I got stuck behind on the two lane highway. While I marvel at the feats each individual piece of equipment does out in the field – it’s common knowledge they were not built for the road – I would guess their maximum speed tops out at about five miles. So, my forty-five minute trip ended up taking one hour and fifteen minutes as I patiently tagged behind tractor after tractor after tractor.

Trying to be a little Zen about things, these gorgeous fall flowers greeted me at the salon and all was right with the world once Amy and I started our normal catch-up session. Hair chopped and colored, a few hours later, I walked out feeling lighter in several ways. Amy’s salon is in Dundee, which, if you haven’t read any of my other posts, is in the middle of wine country here in the Pacific Northwest. The only tiny two-lane road that runs through town is lined with wine tasting rooms on both sides tucked into every nook and cranny available. Apparently, just outside the salon, a group of people were out making a day of it while the car and driver waited patiently.

The road from my house to Dundee goes through two small towns, Newberg and St. Paul. I have no idea what was going on, other than it might have been the farm equipment phenomenon; but the traffic going through the old part of Newburg was nuts. Inch, inch, inch. So, I had to entertain myself, trying to keep my anxiety at bay. Newburg is a pretty small town with a very big flag. I grabbed this shot leaning out the window of my Jeep, looking up and over the top of an eighteen-wheeler who was patiently poking through the traffic with me. The sky was incredibly blue on Friday, unlike today where it is hazy and filled with smoke from field fires. Yes, they allow controlled burning here in the valley, which can make for some pretty unpleasant breathing – but, it is what it is. 

So, back to Friday as I know you are on the edge of your seats waiting to see how it all ends. The ride home took an hour and a half – twice the norm. While it was an enjoyable day – for me it was a bit trying. And, hell, I had to pee! I was happy to greet my pups, relax a bit and, a little earlier than usual, snuggle into bed with a notepad and pencil.

P.S. Life in the country – at least from where I sit is pretty simple and pretty quiet. Not sure if that is good or bad…it just is. As to the "inviters" in my circle -- what they don’t know is that I still like to be invited…even if I don’t go…it’s just nice to know they thought of me. See, told you I am way more than a bit crackers!