Monday, September 22, 2014

Pantone Fall 2014: Bright Cobalt & Royal Blue

 Blue-Gunmetal Vintage Czech Glass Bracelet

I just took a stroll through my closet and I only need one hand to count the number of blue items hiding out in there; excluding jeans, of course! Interesting. I guess it might be safe to say that I am not particularly fond of the color blue in clothing or home goods. However, another side of me loves the blue colors that come in the form of rocks, gemstones and art glass. Chalcedony, agate, sodalite, lapis and pietersite…are a few of the gifts we get from ol’ Mom Nature! I am also drawn to a variety of vintage Czech glass buttons that are blue and gilded with gold and silver and love working with them whenever I can.

 Dragonfly Czech Vintage Button & Pearl Bracelet

 Blue Chalcedony & Eagle Eye Agate Bracelet

In their infinite wisdom, Pantone put a couple of shades of blue in the Fashion Color Report for Fall 2014. If you are a bit like me and not too crazy about blue clothes (royal, bright cobalt or any other variety) you might find that you do love jewelry crafted with rich blues tossed with silver, gunmetal and even pale gold. The good news about the jewelry shown here is that it isn’t particularly trendy. Wait – that’s a good thing…why? Because it means that you can create your unique personal style while still giving a nod to fashion trends. Does that make sense? The better news is that long after the trendy blues have come and gone, you’ll still be sporting the jewelry from my collection (aka your collection) that you buy today and years ago. Yes, each piece is crafted to endure the test of time – so disposable jewelry here.

 Sodalite Gemstone Gobstopper Bracelet

Now, if you happen to just love the color blue – then you’re a lucky duck since the pieces shown here and on Tanya Lochridge Jewelry will give an added spark to your fashions; and because they aren’t produced in mega-quantities, you’ll feel as if you have your own personal jeweler. And, hey, it’s fine if you refer to me as just that because, in reality, I love when you do!

 Blue-Black Swirl Lampwork Bracelet

 Pietersite & Pearl Necklace

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