Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pantone Spring-Summer 2015: Strawberry Ice

Both subtle and charming, Pantone’s Strawberry Ice, is the perfect color for the season; and, in my mind, it’s a fabulous color to wear all year long. First of all, wearing the color close to your face just brightens your entire look, making you look healthy and happy. Try it, then tell me if you don't agree. Pantone even speaks of Strawberry Ice as being a confection color that gives you the look of being “in the pink.” Coinky-dink that there has been an All Things Pink category on the site/shop since its inception? I think not.

Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Rhodochrosite Gemstone Sterling Silver Cube Drop Earrings

Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Rhodonite Gemstone & Vintage Heart Soft Bangle
Clearly, I love all things pink — especially when it comes to rocks and gemstones. Rhodochrosite is at the top of my pink favs list with its beautiful shade of pink highlighted with a lacy banding of cream. Rhodochrosite is slightly translucent and skews a bit on the peachy warmer side of the pink spectrum. It is quite rare in gem quality stones — and we all know what happens when rarity and demand come together — the price of the stone goes sky high. This has long been the case with rhodochrosite. Every once in a while on my treasure hunts in Tucson I come across lovely gem quality beads that aren’t over the top in cost. When I do, after shouting "Eureka!" I snap them up and then create pieces of jewelry that showcase their beauty. If you prefer a pink that is more on the mauve side of the pink range then rhodonite might just be the stone for you. I love it tossed with purples and silver and other shades of pinks and you’ll find lots of those combos in my jewelry designs.

Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Ruby Gemstone Filigree Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

While I do love ruby in the rough, I don’t find the stone often enough to ever do any large quantity production with it. A good thing I suppose, considering my “no cookie-cutter” rule. Ruby in the rough is a mix of ruby gemstone that is still in the host rock. There are a few earrings and pendants on the site/shop that really give you a pretty good idea of the magic of this stone. While it is deeper in color than Pantone’s Strawberry Ice, I couldn’t bring myself to overlook it in this post. After all…it is pink, right?

Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Pink & Black Heart Lampwork, Czech Glass & Rose Quartz Gemstone Bracelet

I am always tickled when I come across Czech glass beads in various shades and textures of pink. (Did I really just use the word “tickled?” A dead giveaway of my swell granny status! But if it works for Iris Apfel I'm all for it!) I am constantly on the lookout for both new and vintage beads on my never-ending quest for the perfect pink jewelry components. These gorgeous beads most often find their way into friendship or stackable designs that are substantial enough to leave a lasting impression on their own; but I love them tossed in with a variety of pieces that are made with other gemstones such as rose quartz, ruby, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, pink opal, pink jaspers and agates. 

I do think that pink is a bit of a neutral color and, because of that, it really plays well with other pastels and neutrals; and it gently softens the look of harsher deep colors like navy, brown and black. This simple fact means you have lots of styling options! And, we all know, that’s a very good thing! If you are like me, I always take into account the CPW factor with clothes and jewelry! Yes, that is Cost Per Wearing! I knew that MBA of mine would come in handy some day!!

Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Pink & Black Lampwork Bead Bracelet

P.S. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to browse my site/shop — you’ll find lots of styling ideas that include a range of Pantone’s Strawberry Ice color. I’d love to know how you wear pink. Oh, and while you’re there, be sure to learn about our “jewelry for good” efforts. Your pink purchase means that a donation will be made to selected nonprofit groups. Thank you for that!