Friday, May 15, 2015

Pantone Spring-Summer 2015: Toasted Almond

Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Taupe-Cream Pearl Charm & Czech Glass Bead Rope Bangle

“Celebration time is here…come on!” Yes, dating myself again; but I’m old…so what…it’s expected, right? Song lyrics aside, it is that time of year when we gravitate toward sun-kissed neutrals in fashion. We dance for joy as we put away our heavy coats, scarves  and boots and look forward to putting together looks that are a bit lighter in fabrics and, sometimes, in color. Toasted Almond, one of Pantone’s Spring-Summer 2015 Collection colors, certainly leads us in that warmer direction. (Is it just me or does that last sentence sound a little fashion editorial-like?) Surprisingly, I do have quite a few items of clothes in my wardrobe that are similar to Toasted Almond – but it is odd; taking a quick glance in my closet, I see the color primarily in comfy over sized sweaters that are perfect for colder days of fall and winter. But wait – that doesn’t stop me from wearing the scrumptious Toasted Almond during the warmer days of spring and summer. How?

Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Rainbow Hickoryite Gemstone & Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

You guessed it. I love it in jewelry…surprise, surprise! The golds,  browns and toasty almond colors that appear in many of my jewelry pieces in the form of Kazuri beads, rainbow hickoryite, pearls, and Czech glass bring the tawny warmth to my spring and summer fashion lineup. I wear a lot of crisp white linen and cotton aka poplin and I love the way the Toasty Almond jewelry looks with it. I think you just can’t go wrong there. Also, don’t be fooled – all of the jewelry shown here would look spectacular with black, too. What a relief…since black still plays a significant role in my spring-summer clothes. How about yours? Of course, we all like to stack and layer and these colors look terrific with wood, leather, Lucite and vintage Bakelite. 

Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Kazuri Bead Leopard Bracelet

Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Mocha-Rose Coin Pearl & Crystal Quartz Gemstone Sterling Bracelet

Now for some granny advice, in general – remember…when it comes to fashion, these days there are no rules. The most important thing is that you just have fun with it all. Well, maybe there is one rule when it comes to your overall style – do your best to not go for a “cookie-cutter look so you mimic everyone else” style choice – yeah, that’s a good rule to follow. You are a beautiful unique individual -- shouldn't your fashion reflect that fact? If you like something and wearing it makes you happy then I say go for it. Life is too short to just wish you were sporting a different look. Be yourself...stand out...shine!
Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Brown & Gold Lampwork Bangle Bracelet