Thursday, May 14, 2009

More from Tanya's Botanical Garden

I have been feeling bad that I didn't give pink dogwood its due. So, here you go; and, yes, that is a beautiful blue sky and puff of white cloud. So nice after the days of rain and wind. It's strange -- while I would not call myself a pink girl -- I sure do wear a lot of it in sweaters and jewelry. Not bubble gum pink but soft baby pink -- inspired by the dogwood and a few gemstones. I love this rhodocrosite and faceted bead bracelet. I had to have one for myself -- you know the one for me, two for you idea?
The rhodies are just starting to bloom here -- while photographing the dogwood today, I turned to walk away and right in front of me was a beautiful deep pink rhodie. Funny, I had been so focused on the dogwood that I didn't notice the rhodie until I was finished with the dogwood. It's interesting that we can totally miss seeing something when we are focused on something else. This red Picasso jasper is really more on the strawberry swirled into vanilla ice cream side -- not so red at all. Here it is mixed with rhodonite, which gets its name from rhododendrons, the flowers. You know me, I like to mix things up, so I've paired it with the unexpected -- gray glass pearls. Pretty, no?