Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Talk About Your Inspiration!

For me, a big part of being an artist (jewelry is art in miniature in my book) is taking in every little detail of life around me. Right now, for me, that means looking at lots of flowers. Since I live fairly close to many wholesale-type nurseries. lucky me, I get to shop there this time of year. While I am not much of a gardener, (well, maybe I'm not a gardener at all) I love to plant a few things in containers on my patio.

The winters are so grim in this part of the country -- it is a breath of fresh air to actually see plants and trees with blooms.

This is just one of the many greenhouses at Fessler's on the outskirts of town -- one of my favorite places to get geraniums. My grandma always had geraniums blooming all over her yard, so it is a delightful reminder of her when I see them on my patio. And, when butterflies light on the flowers -- I know it is grandma coming around to say "hi."