Monday, May 16, 2011

A Look Back & A Glimpse Into the Future

I drive by this historic building several times a week. Located in the historic part of the City of Woodburn, this beautiful building once housed the City Hall. Today was the day I decided to stop for a few seconds and study the building, snap a few images and jot down the information on the For Sale sign that has been posted on the corner in front of the building for several years now.

When I think about expanding Tanya Lochridge Jewelry at some point in the future, I always envision a property of some sort that harbors my home, outbuildings for the jewerly studio/factory and a childcare center that includes a kitchen for preparing the kids' and employees' meals. Grandiose, I know...but it is good to have a dream. While this building doesn't fit into the "farm-type" property I have been thinking about -- with some careful renovation it would be an interesting environment. After checking it out online I figure the top floor would include my living space and the bottom floor would house the jewelry studio/factory, the child care center and the small kitchen. This particular property is zoned commercial so not sure it could be converted into a live/work space and since it is a historical site, the exterior of the building can not be changed...which is fine with me. While there is significant water damage to the interior, there is something about the stately nature of the building -- today surrounded by much newer buildings with little personality and graced by several 100-year-old Victorian homes. While it's historical nature makes it an interesting option -- the best thing is that it is right around the corner from my favorite taqueria in town. Boy, oh boy -- the best food in the world...well not that I have eaten all the food the world has to offer -- but for me, at this moment, it doesn't get much better than Luis's and to think it would be a stone's throw away. So a little something to think about.