Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Primavera è qui!

While it sure takes a long tme for spring to reach this part of the world -- it is well worth the wait. It seems that Mother Nature understands our plight of living in the long, long, long (get my drift) cold gray rainy days of winter and, as a reward, she blesses us with some of the most glorious colors in the way of flowers and blue sky. Perfect example -- rosemary in blossom and some yellow flower that I know nothing about. I remember the rosemary growing like hedges around many of the homes in Mill Valley and surrounding valleys of NoCal. The fragrance is heavenly -- if you like rosemary -- and it's perfect for snipping and using in cooking and on the grill. The color of the blossom is a bit unusual -- in that it is vibrant and soft at the same time. It might be that the blossom itself is very soft in design -- which in some way tempers the purple color. The deep green of the leaves is a perfect complement. And, the little yellow flower -- well, what can I say? These are the brightest and cheeriest yellow in a blossom I think I have ever seen. If anyone knows what this plant is -- let me know. Every year I think I am going to take a little snip of it to one of the wholesale nurseries here and ask about it; but I seem to always think about it once I am out and about. Hope you enjoy and that spring has shown up on your doorstep, too!