Monday, May 30, 2011

Capri and Magnificent Surprises

People often ask me where I find my inspiration -- not only for the styles of my jewelry pieces but for the color combinations. My response is by "simply keeping my eyes open." Mother Nature is the perfect provider for tons of color combos and ideas. In my mind, there is no better model. Case in point. When I first saw the lampwork beads that eventually found their way into this necklace, my mind immediately went to crystal clear Caribbean oceans that truly captivated me years ago. I just remember diving and snorkeling in the waters of St. John's (which was a fairly remote place all those years ago) and being in awe at the colors that surrounded me. Having grown up on the beaches in SoCal, up until my first brush with crystal blue waters, I think the clearest water I had ever experienced was around Catalina Island. While it was beautiful in it's own way -- it is nothing like the color of the waters found in the Caribbean. I knew that I wanted to try and capture that memory with the aqua lampwork beads that have been sitting in my studio just waiting to fall into the perfect piece. This necklace is the result of that long wait.

It's funny how paths cross -- no, hang with me here, this isn't a random thought. Over the last few days, I have so been enjoying looking at the pix posted on Facebook by the editor of Gladys Magazine, Andrea Patrick Forte. She and her husband have just returned from what looks to be a glorious time in Italy and lo and behold -- this image from Capri was included in her photo posts. Wow -- pure and simple. For a writer, my response was pretty lean. The captivating colors in the waters of Capri left me speechless. This time however, my thoughts went to the lampwork beads -- remember, when I first saw the beads on the vendors' table in Tucson, my thoughts went to water. This time around...the water directed my thoughts to the beads. Obtuse, I know...but i'm just wanting to be sure that you haven't dozed off. When I first had the experience of the Caribbean waters, when I first laid eyes on the simple yet stunning aqua lampwork beads, and when I saw the waters of Capri, my beliefs in the unsurpassed talents of Mother Nature where reaffirmed. I guess what I am trying to say with all of this is that if we really pay attention to what comes in and out of our lives, no matter the size, we are gifted with so many magnificent surprises -- miracles of sorts. And, in my mind, that is something to be very grateful for...and, without doubt, I am.