Friday, June 10, 2011

Beatrix, Fesslers and Weekend Plans

Guess what's on the agenda for the weekend? We drove over to Fessler's Nursery today and picked out the plants for the patio. Fessler's is a wholesale nursery best known for fuchsias, geraniums and azaleas and is located out in the "country" a few miles from the center of Woodburn. After living in NYC and buying plants for my terrace every year, I am still surprised at the fact that I can get about five times the number of plants for about one-fourth of what I paid in the city. And, I don't have to load them in a taxi to get them home! Today I loaded them into the back of a friend's car. Beatrix, the wonder dog/gardener, had to supervise to be sure that I didn't forget to get her favorites, too. I mostly go for the Martha Washington variety geraniums primarily because they remind me of my grandma. She had what seemed like thousands of all different colors in her yard. And, since it was in SoCal, they bloomed all year long. To me they look inviting and old-fashioned. I also like them, because it seems that I can actually keep them alive throughout the summer months here. I like to underplant some smaller little plants like alyssum and lobelia and some tiny little things which....wait...I have to go get the label to see what they are called. Be right back. Good Lord....calibrachon is their proper name. To me they look like tiny petunias and I like the white and coral colors with a few pinks to blend with the geraniums. Oh, since I couldn't find the Chinese lantern plant that I had last year, I found brown-eyed Susan's that are a soft coral color and the vine-like branches look as if they will climb up the patio posts in a similar fashion as the Chinese lantern. So keep your fingers cross that they all survive. The nurseries here opened very late this year because of the unusually cold and cloudy days we have had in this area. Even in the greenhouses, they depend on sunlight to grow -- so without sunshine -- no plants! I've been anxiously waiting for the Fessler's outing and today was the day. Even though the sun is not shining...the plants look happy sitting in the patio just waiting their turn.