Sunday, September 18, 2011

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Yesterday was a good day -- I spent a few hours at the Beck Farm playing with Cairn Terriers, visiting with good family-friends and eating a chicken Oktoberfest sausage sandwich and finishing it off with apple strudel. Yum. The Cairn Terriers in the pix here were rescues from a variety of different sources.

Left to right -- MacDuff, the latest rescue still waiting for his forever home (his owner has developed dementia and no longer has the capacity to care for him). Tori was a little rescue who was actually going to her forever home when the new owner decided that because Tori has a heart murmur she didn't want her (I just don't understand that thinking...but it happens I suppose). Jim and Janice decided to keep her -- and despite her "heart condition" she runs, plays and catches all kinds of critters found on a farm. Luckily, she has yet to bring any of her "treasures" in the house! Yikes. Missy is the half sister of Beatrix Potter, my wonder Cairn, on the far right. Missy is a year older and was rescued a few months before Bea and lives with the Becks. Missy and Bea have many of the same "issues" since they were taken from the same home; but have become the most wonderful loving little spirits ever, as has Tori. By the way, that is Janice in the pix and if you look closely at her t-shirt, it says "follow the yellow brick road."

MacDuff is the best boy -- five years, well-behaved, a house mouse as he loves to be with people and he gets along with all the other dogs. Janice is hoping he goes to his forever home soon as he is becoming quite attached to his life there on the farm. One thing I have learned over the last few years of being exposed to the rescue process is that there is a fine line between teaching the dog to trust humans while trying to keep them from becoming too attached to their "temporary" family. That is the hardest for me -- I love them all and always want to make them part of my little family. If I could, at this moment, I would drive over pick up MacDuff and all his toys and make him a part of my little family. I think he would fit in perfectly. Bea would have her nose out of joint for a bit as she is so used to being the princess; but after a few days, I think she would be happy to have a brother to hang out with. So...we'll see how that story ends. Stay tuned.