Sunday, January 22, 2012

Opulent Gemstones or Rocks in my Head?

Honestly, sometimes when I am working in the jewelry studio I think I am nuts. Why you ask? Well, let's see: is it normal for a person to actual gasp when she sees a piece of pietersite? Does a sane person swoon over kyanite or labradorite? Does a woman with even a modicum of commonsense get giddy over a pile of rocks? To tell the truth...I'm not sure. But I do know this - what other people might see as just rocks, I see as opulent opaque gemstones in so many varieties that no one person has counted or seen them all!

I'm not quite sure what the draw is for me. I do marvel at the fact that many of these "rocks" are millions of years old. Millions -- as in 35 to 50 million -- and in my mind, that's amazing just in itself. Does my obsession with these stones have to do with the beautiful colors and patterns that are unique to each and every one? Am I captured by the fact that these gemstones were created by the most talented of artists...Mother Nature herself? Is it the energy I feel when I touch them, hold them in my hands and work with them? They say the energy of the artist is passed through the stones -- so maybe in some way I have the good fortune to touch Mother Nature's hand or maybe her heart, when I work with her gifts. To tell you the truth, I don't think it is any one thing. I believe it is a combination of all of these things -- mind boggling at times. When I hear someone jokingly say "but Tanya, it's a pile of rocks" I secretly cringe inside. The comment baffles me and sometimes makes me wonder if I do have rocks in my head!

Luckily, I don't have anyone in my circle that really feels that way -- although, I have heard it said in other places. My truth is this - when I hear back from all of you telling me how much you love each and every piece, how smashingly beautiful the gemstones are, how you get a sense of calm when you wear each piece or how you chose one of my pieces to wear on a very special day in your life or give to someone dear to you, it makes my heart sing. To know that we share a love for something as basic as a rock and that we enjoy beautiful jewelry that captures the essence of the stones is a wonderful thing. I do also know this -- when I see a rock of any type, I treasure it. It is filled with life and all things that came before - so treasuring it is the least I can do. When I started using these opaque gemstones in my jewelry designs all those years ago, I am not quite sure I understood the energy behind it all. Today, I do "get it," I do understand the connection and it warms my heart to be able to share it all with you. It's my hope that you too will come to see opulent gemstones and not just a pile of rocks.

Bottom line? It's your decision. Opulent opaque gemstones or rocks in my head? I hope you take some time to scout around on my site and perhaps, before that you may have been thinking "rocks." However, just maybe, after spending a few minutes or a few hours sharing my passion for these stones, you might come over to my side. Trust me -- it's not a bad place to be -- totally in awe of the talent of Mother Nature and loving the beauty and the energy found in these beautiful gemstones.

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