Sunday, January 15, 2012

What Story Will You Tell?

Unique or ordinary? Have you noticed that people tend to compliment and ask about the jewelry you're wearing? When it happens, and you know it will, you can respond with an "oh, thanks, it's plastic and I blindly picked it from thousands just like it at Brand-X department store just down the street." Well, that's exciting, right? I'm thinking...not so much. Now, let's rewind and look at the situation a little bit differently. Wouldn't it be much more fun to respond with a unique and interesting tale about the piece under observation, especially when the compliment comes from "the cute guy" standing in line next to you waiting for his venti Americano? (Interesting side note: no sugar, no milk, no froth...manly man. I'm guessing that just maybe you've noticed him before.)

Now, as smart girls, we know that the interest in your jewelry is simply a ploy to strike up a conversation with you and since you are definitely interested in exploring "Mr. Venti Americano" formerly known as "the cute guy" you're quickly tapping through the iPad in your mind, searching for a response much more intriguing than a simple "thanks, it's plastic and looks just like the one on that really cute girl over there and on that tall, svelte woman behind you. It's nothing special really."

So, here's where it gets fun. If you were wearing a unique and somewhat unusual design from the Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Collection (yes, that would be mine!), you could say that you are one of only two or three people in the entire universe to have this exact piece. And, there you have It, the beginning of a beautiful friendship. What? You expected me to give you the entire script? Well, I am not going to do that since I know you/re creative enough to carry on a flirty conversation that starts in the coffee line and then moves into the elevator where, if played right, he'll discover the floor on which your office is located and then...well, you'll just have to wait and see where it all goes from there.

Since it all starts with the jewelry, here are a few ideas that I've styled to get your off and running. You'll find about two hundred more interesting designs at my site, so sit back with your "lucky" espresso macchiato and do a little browsing. All images are clear and descriptive so you know exactly what you are looking at and buying. (Noted: pet peeve #1) Oh, and if the boss happens to step into your office to see what's up with the new project that's due next week...ask her to join you in a little click-shopping first while you tell her about "Mr. Venti Americano" and then, when all is said and done, you can bring her up to speed on the other new project that you will complete ahead of schedule! You know, the project that you do to pay the rent...can't totally brush that aside now can we?

In my mind, jewelry should never be ho-hum, ordinary nor expected. It's true, women from all walks of life and all corners of the globe (honestly, how can the globe have corners when the very nature of the word "globe" means round? I never quite got that saying and yet, here I am using it.). Well, back to my point about women -- they have been adorning themselves with jewelry for thousands of years; and, I'm willing to bet that they didn't do it to look like every other woman in their circle. In today's world it's tough to make personal connections -- and I'm talking "personal" as in without the use of some electronic device -- so it works in your favor to do what you can to get a good way. Think about it -- do you really want to have a flirty conversation with a guy whose opening line is "hey, great cleavage" -- oh, I hope not. As much as we don't like to admit it -- our appearance speaks volumes before we ever utter a sound -- so why not let people know that you are an interesting and unique individual through the jewelry you wear and the unique way you style it? Somehow I think the story you tell will be quite entertaining...can't wait to hear it!