Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tucson Day One!

Well, it's not officially day one...since that would have been Thursday; but I figure I am close enough since this is my first official post from Tucson. If you didn't know -- I'm at the Tucson Gem Show scouting lots of new things for upcoming designs!! Along with that, it's a time for me to enjoy time with my niece, meet up with old friends and eat way too much good food.

Creature of habit that I am, I have a schedule of the different venues I want to visit (there are 43 official venues) which seems to work for me. i am pretty much on sensory overload while I am here, like a kid a Disneyland all sugared up and over-stimulated, so I have to keep pulling myself back to center so I can focus on finding the things I need. Not an easy task at times. Friday we walked the JOGS show -- which consists of mostly finished jewelry but also houses a few of my favorite vendors for silver and turquoise. I know, I don't sell my designs made with turquoise, since they would just be over-the-top expensive; but I do always like to look to see what I might "have" to add to my collection. As you can see, there was lots to choose from this time around -- all of the beads in the pix above are from American mines -- and I just captured those in the high blue strands; since that is my favorite.

I can only look at finished jewelry for about three hours before I glaze over and it all starts to look the same. I am always so tempted to buy one or two finished pieces...but truth be told, I have such an enormous collection after all the years, that I really work to exit before I crack!! On the way out, there is a vendor who has the most glorious geodes and collector-type pieces. This amethyst geode was just one of hundreds for sale. Beautiful and quite grand standing about three feet tall. The light just dances off the crystals inside this "rock." It boggles the mind to know that all of these pieces have been shipped from around the world to this one location. Quite the task. But I am happy for it lends me the opportunity to enjoy the gifts of Mother Nature each and every year.