Thursday, February 02, 2012

Under the Tucson Sky

Yes, I said Tucson, as in Arizona not Tuscan as in Italy! I'm still here at the big Gem Show and enjoying every minute of it. Yes, I love all the rocks and gemstones that I see; but one of the things I think I might enjoy the most is the wide range of people that I meet. For many of the vendors in Tucson, this is the only gem show they participate in throughout the year. People come from around the globe to sell and to buy rocks, minerals and gemstones in all forms, shapes and sizes. Today I talked with people from Madagascar, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Hong Kong, Australia, Afghanistan and Oregon. Yes, a gem cutter who lives just four hours from my home, but I had to come to Tucson to meet him! That's the wonder of this place -- the unexpected is the norm.

I came across the cutest little girl in a pearl vendor's booth who was lost in the world of an iPad2. In order not to disturb her, I kept my distance and watched with amazement, I might add, as her tiny three- or so-year-old fingers worked their magic on the screen. It makes me wonder what her life will be like in 20 years -- will she be a fashion blogger, a jewelry designer or an attorney. Will the world of blogging be so old school that it is only mentioned in the history of this thing called social media. How small will technology be or will it somehow be implanted in some part of our body? Sci-fi, I know...but it's a thought.

Most of the booths in the venues I shop look similar -- tables and tables and walls and walls of gemstones in every shape and color. Not a lot of hoopla just a lot of stuff! But, every once in awhile there is one booth that stands out from the crowd. Case in point -- this company makes jewelry built around bits and bobs of vintage jewelry, lace and fabric. Very interesting -- which is quite apparent in the overall design of her booth. I don't go to the big AGTA show -- which is full of glamour and glitz and the one show that garners most of the media attention. In the past, I have walked the show...and the booths there are "designed" and in my mind, look very commercial and lack some imagination. I know it's a personal preference thing -- but I guess I favor the indie vendor trying to make a dent in a huge industry of made up of a lot of "big guys." So, I continue to shop the smaller less commercial venues and relish the international nature of it all. That's it for today -- but stay tuned there is more on the way.

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