Friday, February 10, 2012

Saying Good-Bye

Saying good-bye to a little spirit is never an easy thing to do; and today, Beatrix and I had to do just that. Tori, the little Cairn Terrier rescue, whose story we shared here, crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. While I know in my heart she is in a better place - healthy, out of pain and chasing squirrels to her heart's delight - doesn't make it any easier to accept that I won't see her sweet face or hold her in my arms again.

While we knew from the beginning that she had a severe heart condition, it didn't stop my dear friends, the Becks, from adopting her; making the little pup a big part of their family. The Becks live on a farm, all fenced, so Tori was able to run with Missy (their older Cairn rescue) and Bea (my Cairn rescue), all day as a Cairn was meant to do. The Becks opened their hearts and did all they could to make sure that Tori (short for Tornado) lived a life that was rich and full. So, while it was all too short, the little scruffy pup had a wonderful life while she was here on earth.

She will be missed, that's for sure. When I held her on my lap last Tuesday I had a wave of sadness knowing it would be the last time I felt her little heart working so hard. Of course, I cried, because that is what I do. In her infinite wisdom and with a heart of gold, she turned and did what she could to comfort me, kissing my tears away. I know, some would say that she was just a dog, but in my heart and in Bea's and the Becks', Tori was a special spirit who touched our lives in a very special way. She will always be a part of who we are and we are grateful for that.

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