Monday, February 24, 2014

Inspiration: Sunshine (Kind of), Clouds & Shades of Gray

 Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Gray Skies Collage
I was once asked where I find inspiration for my jewelry designs. My response was quick and rather concise -- “By keeping my eyes open!” It really is that simple. Not quite sure if it is the rockhound in me or just my strange way of thinking; but it seems that when I look at every day things, like the sky, I see gemstone combos. Curious to see how others think, I threw out a little test several months ago on Instagram. I posted a pix of a gorgeous blue sky with big white fluffy clouds with a caption that read “I see chalcedony and pearls. What do you see?” Most responses went something along the lines of “I see a pretty blue sky and white fluffy clouds.” Which, I guess, just goes to show that my brain works in unusual ways – I almost said weird ways; but now that would be not so nice, right?

 Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Silver Mother-of-Pearl, Rainbow Obsidian, Botswana Agate, Snow Quartz Bangle
Last week I was out doing my regular errands – mailing packages off to you and shopping in the local feed store. Yes, feed store…remember I live in the country so I am not talking about a cute little trendy restaurant du jour in the West Village! I’m talking about an actual feed store where one can buy chicken feed, a bolus or two to medicate your cows and horses, hatching tables and salt licks. The weather was pretty predictable – gray skies and rain. Just as I parked, the sun took its cue, appeared and put on quite a show. The bright light made the dark clouds below look as if they were rimmed in silver. I could see several layers of clouds – each a bit different in color and fluffiness. It was truly magnificent. Look closely – I do believe we also see the moon. At least, this time of year and that time of day, I think it is the moon. If not, please let me know what it is.
 Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Labradorite & Freshwater Pearl Link Bracelet
As I stood and watched the changing patterns my thoughts went to silver mother-of-pearl, gray baroque pearls, labradorite, rainbow and golden obsidian, Botswana agate and pyrite quartz. I know…it just happens – I can’t help myself. In hopes of opening your mind to the possibilities, why not come by the site/shop when you’ve got a few minutes and take a look at how Mother Nature’s inspiration and gifts turn into wearable art in the form of unusual jewelry? 
 Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Grey Mother-of-Pearl & Crystal Quartz Bangle
Over the weekend, a friend/jeweler asked me to describe my customer. My response “She’s a bit of a geek like me in that she loves rocks; but she also loves fashion. So, she is thrilled to find a way in which she can wear both of her loves as jewelry.” Does that sound like you? If so, come on over and join the fun. I’ll see you there. I’d love to hear what you see when you look at the sky. Click on the tiny “comment” in the itty-bitty print below and a comment box will pop up. It’s always fun to know what all of you are thinking.
 Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Pyrite Quartz & Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
 Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Grey Mother-of-Pearl & Freshwater Pearl Sterling Silver Bracelet