Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Would You Believe Eight Years?

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Wowza! In February 2006, as a way to showcase and sell my jewelry designs, I officially started my blog. At that time technology offering budget-friendly formats that made it possible for little guys like me to have a fully functioning website/online store didn’t exist. Hard to believe, I know; but it’s fact! So I figured that a blog  was the next best thing. Fast forward eight years and not only is my blog still up and running (three hundred and twenty-two posts) but there is a fully functioning very lively separate website and online store highlighting about two hundred jewelry designs along with stories of their inspiration and creation!

As you know, I am crazy about rocks, gemstones, jewelry, photography and writing. Never in my wildest dreams did I envision one platform that would make it possible to bring all of my loves together in one place. (We’re talking just those things mentioned above…for the record, men don’t fit into this equation, in case you are wondering! Not that I would want all my “loves” together in one place. That could get a bit weird?)

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Anyhow, the blog continues to evolve over time. Of course, jewelry still occupies the majority of the space; but I’ve added bits and bobs about my adjustment to country living and Beatrix, my Cairn terrier. I also share my experiences with Cairn terrier rescue in hopes of raising awareness around the joy of adopting a rescue. I also hope that in some tiny way, my rescue effort will help shut down puppy mills and stop the animal abuse that resides in those hellish places. (She steps down from the soap box quietly!)

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Moving forward with my blog, I am slowly expanding the scope of the editorial content to include a bit more lifestyle and entertaining, fashion, and beauty. As I’ve grown older (yes, way older) I have found the need to change up skincare and makeup routines to make it all work with my ever-changing skin. And, so far, in the blogosphere and YouTube worlds, I find very little that addresses how to adapt products for 60+ year old skin. Of course, my fashion style hasn’t changed much over the years; but living in the country as I do versus life in SoCal, NoCal and New York City, it has been a fun challenge to create looks that work for everyday while still keeping true to my overall style ethic. I’m thinking it will be fun to share all of that with all of you – so, if you’re still a spring chicken, run and tell your grannies; but, I hope you’ll stay around, too! It would be fun to share...wouldn't it?
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Who knows, there may even be a recipe of two tossed into the mix this year. But one thing I can promise you with those – there will be no kale or Brussels sprouts! I don’t care how old I get – I won’t like them – ever! In most cases the food will be simple, fairly healthy and tasty. To say that I am a picky eater is a gross understatement so if I don’t like it, it won’t make it to my blog. I don't care how damn good it is for you!
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I do hope that you’ll stick around in 2014 – the ride will be so much more enjoyable for me with you along. And, bring your friends – we’ll have a ball with it all; at least I hope that’s what happens. Thanks so much for reading my blog and loving my jewelry enough to want to spend your hard-earned moola on pieces to add to your collection and give as gifts. Your generosity and support over the years mean the world to me and I am over the moon with gratitude for it all. You are the reason I get to continue to do the things I absolutely love – things that fill my life with joy. After all these years, the fact that you are still here makes my heart sing.
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I’d love to know what topics you would like to see here. Leave a comment by clicking on the teensy little word “comment” in the copy below. I’d love to answer your questions…if I can! See you soon.
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  1. Congratulations Tanya! I myself love the stories of your life, and younger days.