Thursday, January 06, 2011

Gladys Magazine -- You're A True Beauty

Oh the splendor of seeing the oh-so-handsome Vincent Irizarry in the latest issue of Gladys Magazine that arrived in my mail box this afternoon. Yes, the same Vincent Irizarry that you know as Dr. David Hayward in "All My Children" -- gee, a handsome guy who can write -- always a thrill for me. (It's true -- he is a regular contributor to Gladys.) It's almost too much for my mind to absorb. Gosh, I am so easily distracted these days -- so back on task here. I wanted to let you know that jewelry from the Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Collection is featured once again in both The Jewel Box and the Secret Shopping Treasures sections of the magazine. And, as if those two things aren't treasure enough -- it is fun to to see a wide variety of people and their pets. The special tribute to Max Forte -- the wonder dog -- will touch your heart -- so get out those tissues before you read the magical words that finish out this issue.

I can't leave without thanking Andrea Patrick Forte and everyone involved in the publication for the beautiful images of Greece. Sitting here in the gloom of the Pacific Northwest, I'm wishing that I was Samantha Stevens and with just the twitch of my nose I would be transported to those lovely islands for some sun, good food, the sea and time with wonderful people. Since I am not of Bewitched fame, I'll be happy with looking at the glorious photos that so capture the beauty of all that is Greece and leaf through the pages of Gladys when I feel the need for sunshine and inspiration. The heavy sighing you hear will just be not to worry. If you want to share in the fun, Gladys Magazine has national distribution and can be found at most Barnes & Noble locations. Visit for a taste of what they're all about.