Thursday, July 07, 2011

All Roads Lead to Rome

Weird how things work out, isn't it. Several weeks ago I read Bethenny Frankel's latest book, A Place of Yes, and found it quite inspiring. While I have read many books in this same arena over the years, this one sparked a renewed inspiration in life for me. Not sure what that really means at the moment, but those are the words that came to me in order to describe it. Anyhow -- one of the rules she talks about is "All Roads Lead to Rome." In a nutshell, all previous experiences in some way or another gave me a specific skill to help me get to my "Rome." Today, while I was in the photo studio (aka garage -- yes the same garage that houses the shipping department for Tanya Lochridge Jewelry), I was thinking about my love of photography, in general, and how past experiences over the years have helped me get pretty good images of my jewelry designs for use on my site and in my blogs today. (Yes, I know they are not perfect...and that was part of the getting out of my own way project we'll share another day!) Don't worry I won't bore you with a litany of jobs/experiences but I will say that there have been many opportunities for me to work closely with photographers, set designers, graphic artists and other creative types -- both in front of and behind the camera (both moving and still), at the art table and in front of a computer, all in a wide array of studio settings. And, Curious George that I am, I always paid close attention to what the other people on the project were doing and I was always asking questions about "why and how." I never had anyone tell me to mind my own business, so I just kept at it. Little did I understand at the time that all of those jobs, even those I didn't like (well "hated" would be more accurate), prepared me to be where I am today, making it possible for me to be fairly self-sufficient in areas that I might otherwise have to contract out to someone far more skilled than me. Why do I feel the need to post this to my blog today? Good question -- perhaps just as a reminder, to those of you who follow me, to seriously think about the "All Roads Lead to Rome" rule. Overall, I think it helps put a positive spin (see I learned that term while working in public relations) on a job or task that might seem dull at the time. Actually, it could make it all rather exciting knowing that at some point in your future "Rome," you will be really happy that you paid attention and did the absolute best job you could on that incredibly inane task you have in front of you! I don't know...but for today, I just felt the need to say it.