Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life is Really Good

We have been having a bit of summer spotted here and there with a few days of rain. But, I'm not complaining...for once. I don't mind the rain so much as long as there are bits of sunshine and warmer temps scattered throughout. I was out working in my little garden a few days back and snapped a few pix of my little furry muse. Beatrix Potter, the wonder Cairn. For those of you who know me, you'll know that Beatrix is the third rescue dog that granted me the greatest gift of all -- sharing their lives with me. First was Molly, an Australian Shepherd in SoCal; next was Agatha, a shy Norwich from Maryland and now, this little Cairn who came when I least expected it. As you may know, when rescuing a dog, you must be prepared for dealing with some "issues." None of which, I'm certain, can't be overcome with lots of love, care and patience; and most importantly, the letting go of any expectations. Since Bea was a bit younger when she came to me, her issues were not as great as those of my other girls; but she did and still does have issues. She was "tippy-tripod" for several months, while her back hip healed; and most of her issues now are around a fear of small places (which presents a bit of a challenge when she travels in the cabin with me on an airplane) and her flinching if I raise my hands too fast and too close to her head. We don't know the cause of the hip problem, but we do know that she was made to stay in a small kennel 24-7 and the woman who had her smacked her a lot during grooming. Don't get me started down that path -- however, I will say that any person who abuses an animal of any kind should be made to experience the same treatment as punishment for their inhumanity. I know...not very Zen on me...but there are some things I just can't tolerate and this is one of those things. Thank goodness for karma.

That being said -- you probably guessed by now that life is good for Bea and me. She loves her little hammock, which keeps her from the grass so her feet and tummy don't get so itchy. Yes, I have a dog with allergies -- just like her mom! What you can't see is that just to the right of where she loves to lay, Tess, the neighbor's rescued Brittany Spaniel, loves to snuggle in. She loves to be as close as possible to Bea when she is out in her yard. Bea and I were here a bit before Tess came to live with her new family and, in some unspoken way, I think Beatrx helped Tess make the transition from puppy mill breeder (enough said) to a life full of love and people she could trust. She and Bea are like "old friends, sat on the park bench like bookends." Yes, I did just quote a Simon and Garfunkel tune. But when I see them chatting between the fence or just enjoying the peace and quiet and the birds, the song just comes to mind and it makes my heart happy. What makes it even better is that my studio looks on to the patio and out over the back -- so I feel as if, even though I am the only one in the studio, I am not alone. Little Bea is my muse and my family. So, you is really, really, really good.