Friday, July 29, 2011

A Dog and Her Grandma

My mom had a wee accident this morning, so Bea and I ran over to check things out and make sure it didn't require a trip to the emergency room. Thank goodness all is well and good. My mom, who is 87, now lives in an independent living facility here in town. It's not easy to watch our parents age -- much harder than I ever imagined. When we are young our parents seem so vibrant and strong -- they could do anything. As we age along with them, at some point there is a bit of a role reversal -- where parent becomes child and...well, you get it. My dad passed in 2001 and while I watched him grow weaker, I was living across the country so didn't really see the day-in-day out of the progression even though I talked with him daily. But with my mom living in the same little community that I now call home, I do see her frequently, and I will say it doesn't get any easier. The shining star in all of it, is little Beatrix Potter, the wonder Cairn. You see, Bea lives for people, which I am told is a strong Cairn characteristic. However, I think Bea has been blessed with a spirit that is all-knowing. Don't ask me to explain what I mean by that, because I am not sure I have the words. But, I do know this, whatever the situation, Beatrix knows exactly what is needed to soothe the soul of whomever is in her company. Today, that was my mom. As soon as we arrived, Bea asked to sit in my mom's lap, where she totally distracted my mom from the pain she was feeling. We stayed long enough to "doctor" the wound and the patient; and, we knew we had succeeded when my mom wanted to go have lunch with her friends. So, we walked her to the beautiful dining room, visited with everyone who loves Beatrix, and then said our good-byes. Since returning home, Bea has not left my side here in the studio -- I think her concern has shifted to me -- so she is staying close by just in case I need another hug.

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