Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just a Small World Tale

While waiting for calls from clients and vendors, I thought I would take a run to Bauman's Farm -- you know about that place by now. I have been out of cherries for several days and needed to replenish the supply before they are out of season. Oh, that's always a sad day for me. Anyhow, on the small road that goes through the fields I always see the top of this Russian church off in the distance. So today, I took a little detour to explore a bit more. It took a little doing to get there, but when I finally figured it out, this is what I found. It is very small, looks like it might be a manufactured home type building but proudly, on top of what would be called a steeple on other churches, is a golden onion-shaped dome and cross. The onion-shaped architectural feature is found on the Russian Orthodox cathedrals in Moscow. There is a huge Russian population in this area -- a very long history which, sadly I don't know much about. I do know that my Grandma and Grandpa on my mom's side came from Russia to this country a few years before the Russian Revolution in 1917. Their story was much like that portrayed in Fiddler on the Roof, they fled their homes hoping to find a new world that gave them the opportunity for a better life and freedom to practice their religion. (Don't quote that year please, it's just the one I am remembering at the moment -- okay the writer in me couldn't let it go without researching and bingo! it was 1917.) While my relatives eventually settled in Southern California many others came to this part of the world. In fact, I have distant relatives that live right in this little part of the country. Small world, as they say. Just another little side trip in my day-in-the-life tale. If you are wondering when I took this pix, it was today July 21 and yes, those are rain clouds in the sky. Rain clouds and cool temperatures -- surprised? Well, you shouldn't be, after all, it is the Pacific Northwest.