Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cauliflower? Yes, Cauliflower.

Yes, that is cauliflower in purple, yellow and white. Mother Nature...once again pulls our all the stops. If I was going to do something with this inspiration in gemstones...what would it include?

African opal, amethyst, cape amethyst, aragonite, and a toss of Czech glass sparklers? Well, just maybe. The good news about the cauliflower is that it is fresh from the field and oh so tasty -- although I have never cooked the purple variety -- not sure how I feel about eating purple foods. Well, I do eat grapes and love them. And, I eat...let's see...totally blanking about all foods purple. Oh, there are some purple tomatoes and potatoes...never tasted them. Gee...maybe it's time to step out of my comfort zone and cook up a little something purple. I'll get back to you on that and meanwhile -- I'll cook up some cauliflower-inspired pieces. Now, there is a phrase I never imagined I would utter! And, isn't it interesting (I hope) that the writer in me can find a "story" in just about anything and everything?