Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Gift of Song

Back on February 24th, I talked about unexpected gifts and how I had been given one that very day. Today, I got the way of these pix I found in my dad's desk that now sits out in my garage. My oh-so-talented nephew, who I had the great pleasure of giving the guitar that my dad handcrafted for me in 1964, showed up today in a spot where I least expected him. Looking at these pix just confirms my thinking that we are connected to our passion very early in life.

The unfortunate thing for many of us, is that we push the passion aside as we strive to be who we "think we should become" as we grow older.

I love music of all types -- I love to play and I love to sing (much to the dismay of others at times I am sure). You see, music runs through much of my family and I am so grateful for that. In the 60s, my dad made a guitar for my cousin Jimmy. Just because -- that was my dad. While I have no idea of the facts of it all, from these pix, it seems that my Uncle Fred and Auntie Alice (are they not the sweetest couple ever?), my cousin Jimmy and his son, Christopher, must have been visiting my mom and dad while on holiday from SoCal. As was usually the case, there was a lot of guitar-playing and singing going on. But what I love most about these two pix is that without question, my nephew (who is 18 these days) was clearly fascinated by it all then; and. for whatever reason ,in February he reconnected with his passion and is now the owner of two very special guitars -- both carrying the energy of everyone who every touched them over the years. So...the gift of music and song goes on and that makes my heart happy.

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