Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Year -- 1998

You might remember, the day I got my iPhone I was fiddling with the camera and out of nowhere, I discovered this Bergdorf Catalog circa 1998 in a stack of catalogs in the studio. Today I had some time to sit and leaf through it. With the exception of two silk charmeuse dresses, out of the eighty-seven pages, there is not one thing I wouldn't buy today.

No offense intended to the beautiful charmeuse designs -- I have just never been a fan of the fabric for some reason, so I would pass on those. In addition to the wonderful clothing, the jewelry in the catalog was/is really inspiring. There were a few bead designs that I would love to have in my collection; so much so I am inspired to try a few of the gemstone combos in my studio and see what comes of it. It's no secret, I have always loved BG -- especially the jewelry department. It just seems to me that the buyers and the clients of BG get the beauty of bead jewelry -- and that has always made me very happy. So, I want to say thanks to Bergdorf's once again, for keeping me entertained...even if it is with a catalog that is thirteen years old. It all just serves as a reminder that style is timeless -- and I love that fact.