Monday, October 17, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time

It's true -- it's the most wonderful time of the year. At least for me. Fall -- always marks a time for new things, new beginnings, of sorts. School, new clothes, new friends, new studies, and new adventures. Even that new perm my mom insisted on giving me before the start of every school year couldn't put a damper on my anticipation of the exciting new things coming my way. Although, I do still wonder what in the heck she was thinking, since my hair is naturally why the need for the Tip Toni totally escapes me. But...back to the wonders of fall and the glorious pre-holiday time.

This year my season got off to a really fabulous start when my copy of Gladys Magazine arrived on Friday! Oh boy -- put all things aside, sit back and leaf through the pages one by one. That's exactly what I did on Friday night -- some hot date, right? Well, that's a nutshell. But not to worry, I wasn't alone...Beatrix, the Wonder Cairn, was right here with me. She has yet to figure out that life with me isn't that exciting!

If you aren't familiar with Gladys, it's a fairly new magazine on the stands and it is a bit different from what you might expect. Inspirational in nature, and filled with fashion and beauty ideas but presented in a distinctive way. The new holiday issue highlights Gladys' choices of the most inspiring people for 2011. It's fun in that the people chosen come from all walks of life; and it is interesting to read their stories. I have to say that it is so fabulous to be included as part of the Gladys family (no not as one of the most inspirational peeps of 2011); but as a contributing writer, penning the occasional article for various issues, which I love. Becoming a Gladys family member is one of those things that just happened...and I am so happy that it did. No reason to question the universe! Andrea, the editor of Gladys, is this beautiful girly-girl woman. We are at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to our personal styles of dress with one exception -- jewelry. While we both love jewelry, we also connect on another level -- in a soul-sister kind of way. I so admire her positive take on life, in general, and admire her dedication and the hard work she puts into everything she does. In my mind, she is an inspiration to young people everywhere -- especially to all the young women looking to make their way through life. So, that being said, "many thanks, Andrea, for letting me share a little part of your world." It's been an interesting and fun ride. By the way, you can pick up your own copy of Gladys at your local Barnes & Noble or subscribe at their site:

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