Thursday, October 13, 2011

Unexpected Delights

Even after years of the being in the creative flow of things, I am always surprised when the unexpected happens. Well, maybe I need to qualify that...the unexpected in jewelry design is what delights me, not so much as in the unexpected like in a BlackBerry outage. So, now that we are clear on that point -- yes, I love it when an unexpected thing happens in the jewelry studio.

Perfect example -- today, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this bracelet. Since I design from the beads and not drawings of the beads, I had all the components laid out in front of me and I was working them like puzzle pieces. Originally I figured that the third strand of the bracelet would be a slightly demure rolo link which I love and use quite frequently.

Well, someone had a different idea. When I was going through my chain inventory, this bold double link chain actually fell out of the chain drawer onto the floor. Being wise enough to realize that someone was trying to tell me something, I decided to give the bolder chain a whirl, knowing full well that I wouldn't like it! Well, there you go -- never doubt the universe! I added the bold link chain to the other strands and, have to admit, I love the overall look of the piece. I wish I could say why -- it just makes it seem significant -- bold, yet in a stylish way. So, there you go. Something unexpected...yet quite delightful.

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