Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Blue Heaven!

Holy blueberries! They've arrived and they are yummier than ever. I had my first pint baskets, yes, I said baskets plural, yesterday. In my book, no one grows them better than Boones Ferry Berry Farm here in town. I got so excited when I saw they had the first of the season, I totally forgot to take a pix of the little berry stand on the huge farm. I'll get it later in the week when I go back to replenish my supply. Talk about your small town ways -- if no one is tending the stand, you just put your money in a big metal box. It still amazes me when I see that. Blueberries are my fav -- a fact I didn't know until I got them right from the farm. Believe me, what you buy in the store does not compare. I'm telling you, to me they are like candy...and low cal and good for me. What more can a girl want?

I have always loved iolite -- maybe somewhere back in my mind I was being told that I love blueberries, I just didn't know it yet. Maybe not -- but the color of iolite is that of beautiful ripe blueberries. Mixed with various shades of violet mother of pearl and the steely gray-blue of these glass pearls in this necklace, it's yummy. Suddenly it seems that all of my jewelry designs are influenced by food -- well, maybe not; but I do know the color combinations found in nature inspire me. And, so it is with this iolite lariat style necklace.