Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Seen on the Most Famous Women -- That Would Be You!

Why is it that I want to shout "I don't care what celebrity wore what necklace in the movie du jour?" But, I fear that saying so will come back to bite me in the butt! Am I jaded from the years I spent in marketing and advertising and fully understand the "product placement" equation; or am I simply becoming a grumpy old lady? Maybe a little of both.

I will say that when I design my pieces, I am thinking about how they fit into the lives of famous people like you and how they work in real life. While I know it is fun to be trendy -- I like the fact that you can "doll" up my designs in lots of different ways -- but I also like the idea that, at the end of the day, you'll have a collection of jewelry that will stand the test of time and not be dumped as each new season and it's trends arrive or only be able to use it as part of your costume at next year's Halloween party. That being said, I will step back down from the soapbox, eat a big old piece of chocolate and, from this day forward, cautiously enter all rooms with my butt fully protected -- just in case there is someone out there ready to snap!