Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Another Ah-Ha Moment

I had another ah-ha moment over the weekend. I spent hours in the studio working on several pieces in this mother-of-pearl collection. The entire time I kept thinking that the pearls were very interesting, the light chocolate brown and black mother-of-pearl beads were exquisite and the gold vermeil beads were a terrific complement to the other beads.

All of these components came from my latest Tucson adventure -- I always find it interesting during those days and days and days of looking at gemstones and other components that somehow I can remember something I bought ten days earlier and that it would go with something new I see right now. Don't know how that works exactly...since lately my brain seems to be a bit foggy. But, it does and, yes, I digress.

Back to my ah-ha moment...I set up the earrings to photog (mind you, right after I had been working on all pieces for a full day) and when I looked through the lens of my camera I saw animal print. Yes, tribal-inspired animal print in the mother-of-pearl beads. Weird I had not noticed it when I was intently concentrating on the overall design of the pieces. Makes me wonder how many perfect little details of life we miss everyday because we are so focused on the big picture. In many ways, walking around with a digital camera opens up a new world -- giving us the perfect vehicle to see and appreciate the tiniest little details of life.