Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday in Champoeg

Great day yesterday. Beatrix and I ventured out to Champoeg to hang out with family and friends for a few hours. We had a great time of it -- would you believe the sun actually came out for a few hours. While everyone else was camping and "roughing" it in their RVs for the long weekend -- Bea and I drove over and back through hill and dale.

It's only about 15 miles from the ol' homestead and it is a very pretty drive through the low-rising hills, farmland and lots of pastures filled primarily with grazing sheep. There is a lot of history in this area -- well, I guess that is true for any area; but I am enjoying learning more about the hearty spirits that settled in this part of the country. I can imagine that when the Native Americans lived here it must have been truly magnificent and probably continued to be that way as many pioneers ventured into the area from the east. While the rain bugs the you know what out of does make for beautiful scenery; always green and lush and the rivers are always full and flowing. This pix, which was taken a bit "on the fly" at the entrance to the park gives you an idea of the grandness of it all.

All and all, we had a great time -- and we are very grateful that we are considered part of a crazy mixed-up family and circle of friends who are loving, generous and oh-so-entertaining. If you want to learn a bit more about Champoeg and some of the history of this vast area visit It's a great place to start.