Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Fog Has Lifted

It's true -- the web site fog has completely lifted and what is left is a glorious new site perfect for windowshopping, strolling and buying; yes, I said buying. I know, it might be somewhat smug to describe my site as "glorious" but after so much hard work, I have to say it does look splendid.

Gosh, here come the smug police. I have got to give kudos to Boutiquemama for working with me to create a super template and for Shoppepro for hosting and making it oh so simple. Funny how, after the fact, it all seems "simple." In fact, just yesterday I was reassuring my brother that we could set up a similar, yet smaller site, where he could sell his magical photographs. Sure...we can do it -- now that I am the web site pro!!! much. So, if you haven't been over there yet, take a look -- but as one visitor said "makes me want to dive right in and buy, buy, buy." So windowshoppers beware!