Thursday, May 06, 2010

Lost in A Website Fog

For the last few weeks I have been roaming around in a web site fog. Anyone who has ever taken on the task of building or rebuilding a web site knows exactly what I am saying. Luckily today, we have geniuses who create templates, that with some tweaking, can make things look fabu and allow me to stay reasonably sane!

Not an easy task. So, I have set a launch date of June 1st for the official launch of the new site. So far all is going well -- all products are loaded -- more than 200 and now I am down to the "chatty" pages. With a little luck, I may even be able to go "live" sooner than planned. Oh, I hope I didn't just jinx my progress! Meanwhile, you can still shop to your heart's delight at the existing site. URL won't change; but I may have a bit of a down time while switching hosting services. They tell me between 24-72 hours. I know, I know...too much information.

It was fun to actually load all the products -- gave me the chance to experience each and every piece again. I just love that. I especially like this black and white combo here. I actually wore my set the other day with a glitzy Joan Boyce crystal encrusted bangle. The designs couldn't be more different; but in a fun way they complement each other in a really fun way. I didn't put my set back in the armoire -- I decided to leave it out as a reminder to wear it more this season. Isn't it fun?