Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Making Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Maybe it's true what they say -- you know "you've got to make your own sunshine." Well, those aren't the exact words of the proverb or whatever it's called; but today those words are keeping me going. Yes, it is still raining here in the glorious Pacific Northwest -- I know, I know...a bit caustic...but it's how I feel.

In an effort to brighten my rainy-day spirit, I pulled out all of the sunshine-like gemstones I could find in my gem stash and will be designing pieces around them like the one shown here. So, let's review our options for producing happy sun-like images: I could work with these beautiful yellow jade coin-like beads or crack egg after egg after egg after egg...well, you get my point. I choose to design with the beads; after all, there aren't enough omelets in the world to make me feel better about the lack of sunshine in this part of the country.