Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pink or White?

The dogwoods are out in full force these past few days; it seems you can almost hear them shouting "to hell with the rain, and cold and gloom!" I'm telling you, I am really getting cranky with this weather.

Folks, it's April 28th -- as in spring and it is only in the 40s and rainy, rainy, rainy. Last night as I was flipping through the channels on the TV, i heard the weatherman say "just how low will the snow level be tonight?" and I wanted to shout "it's April 27th and we are not living on Mount Everest -- what in the heck are you talking about....snow levels?" But, alas, it is the Pacific Northwest and the weather is pretty unpredictable, or at least that is what we are taught to believe. I remember many years ago I was visiting my mom and dad while I 
was still living in NYC and I heard a weather expert say "remember folks, it's only a forecast." I thought, well there's a job to outcomes responsibility whatsoever. In NYC it seems that they were always spot on with the weather forecast, which was much appreciated since getting to and fro always meant I was outside -- walking to the train, walking to the bus, walking home, walking to the bagel shop, walking to the little Italian trattoria, walking to Grace's, walking to Isabella's -- gee, it must be getting close to dinner time here so will cut it short.

Anyhow -- these dogwoods one pink one white are beautiful reminders of sunny days yet to come. When I see a white one, I think it is my favorite and then I see a pink one in full bloom and it almost takes my breath away. So stunning -- both. And, yes, you can see the clouds in the sky -- just hanging there, not wanting to give up and go home even for a few days. So, now, you can or white?