Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunshine, Vineyards and Weddings

You know it's not easy finding a really good person to cut and color your hair. Well, at least for me it's not easy. I was so spoiled in NYC, having been lucky enough to stumble upon James Post and Mark Garrison, two fabulous hair wizards (and amazing spirits) who also became friends over the years. After hunting and pecking around Portland for a few months, you can imagine how thrilled I was when I finally listened to my spit-fire niece (yes, I said spit-fire) and headed over to Dundee to see Amy.

Well, one cut and color (yes, I do have to spark up my natural mousy hair color!) with Amy W. at Tres Beau and I was convinced -- there was hair awareness in this part of the country and it lives and works in Dundee. Go figure. So you're asking yourself -- "what does any of this have to do with jewelry?" You know that somehow it will always come back to the jewelry!

Well, the Dundee Hills are sprinkled with charming intimate vineyards. While driving through them yesterday, images of a beautiful late-October wedding that took place last year at a small northeast vineyard were flashing through my head. This jewelry thing I do is so amazing as it lets me play a tiny part in the fabulous milestones in people's lives. You see, the bride asked me to design jewelry for her wedding party. What a treat. The bridesmaids wore different style dresses in the richest of rich brown, the bride's gown was beautiful ivory and the flowers you see above were shades of orange and green. Perfect, perfect, perfect for the vineyard location and the season. Green jade served as the base for all the designs and since each bridesmaid was unique we thought it would be fun that they each had a unique earring style; and, of course, we couldn't overlook the darling four-year old flower princess who came in from Holland for this special event. It all turned out lovely. So, I thought it would be fun to share snaps of the final pieces with you.