Friday, April 02, 2010

Invest in the Colors of Spring 2010

So, I am looking at the Pantone picks for Spring-Summer 2010. While I know that pretty pastels are all the rage -- I wonder who will dress in head-to-toe color?

I think most of us will stick with our black, white and khaki/chino for the warmer months coming up. (Warmer months? You couldn't prove it by the weather here these past few days -- but they tell me warmer weather will get here...eventually!) While we might not want to wear pink pants -- we might love to wear a splash of pink on our wrist or around our neck. Same goes with the pastel blues chosen as color hits by those folks at Pantone. (Just in case you don't know who Pantone is just Google "pantone" and you'll get more information than you'll need to know in this lifetime, and perhaps the next!)

If you follow what the Pantone people say -- rose quartz, blue chalcedony, cape amethyst, and yellow jade and calcite are good choices for the season. But, the reality of it is, they are not just good choices for this season -- they are good for all seasons, for years and years to come. Of course,, you can buy disposable jewelry made from plastic that will most likely only last one season, if you are lucky -- but times being what they are, my suggestion is that you invest in quality pieces that are timeless in design made with real gemstones and the finest quality glass beads. Designs such as these will last for many seasons to come. Heck you could be wearing them in 2020! You have to admit that good quality will always give you a better return on your investment overall. Good golly, just when I think my "B" school education has finally left the building, it comes back to haunt me in little ways -- like the ROI statement I just made. So, I apologize for that...I think. Anyhow -- I leave you with one question. Will you be wearing pink around your hips or pink around your wrist?