Friday, April 23, 2010

Sunset Beach c. 1967

Some exciting events have taken place over the last few weeks with me and I am longing to share my good fortune with a few very special people who have always been so loving and supportive of me but, sadly, are no longer living on this planet; at least not that I am aware of. It's also coming on May -- the used-to-be month of the annual Sunset Beach Art Festival. The very same Sunset Beach Art Festival at which I sold my very first piece of jewelry...that was 1967.

Of course, I was only two then (ha!) -- child genius, no doubt. Yes, that's me in my front yard the day the Queen Mary moved to Long Beach just north of Sunset Beach that very same year. A historical day for sure, at least in my book.

I remember that first piece of jewelry I sold down to every detail -- white waxed linen cord knotted with a series of really pretty ceramic beads and a sterling silver closure all handmade by moi! (First I am channeling Joni Mitchell with the "it's coming on May" line and then Miss Piggy's "moi" -- quite a range.) I lived a charmed life back then -- well, I still live a charmed life, but the fact that the beach was my front yard for many years made that time unbelievably special. On top of that I was surrounded by loving, supportive and really fun spirits -- and life was just magical. All of these good memories are part of why I still love to make jewelry that incorporates some type of cording -- doing so transports me back to another time and place. The simple one shown here was a special request for a long-time sister-friend's niece who recently moved to London to embark on a new adventure. many wonderful memories. So, I'm thinking there will be some corded jewelry coming out of the studio this weekend. Stay tuned...