Monday, April 19, 2010

Thoughts of NYC and Dogs

Yesterday when I put on a PawsWalk NYC t-shirt I was set back a bit when I saw the 1994 date -- wow, where oh where does the time go? PawsWalk is a fun fundraiser held by the ASPCA in Central Park every year. While living in the city, I was so lucky to be able to join thousands of dogs and their people in this fun-filled fete each year.

In those days, I shared my life with Agatha, a Norwich Terrier. Lovely little spirit...that one. Here she is, wearing her Southwestern 
Lauren coat, with her best pal, Murphy. During PawsWalk we would walk with other Norwiches, trying not to be smug or snooty. Yes, snooty. If you aren't familiar with dogs and people in NYC, they can be pretty silly at times. For instance, claiming a hill "Pug Hill." As if doing so would keep all other breeds and mutts (gasp!) off the designated territory. And, believe me, the "Pug" people weren't shy about telling others that this hill was for Pugs only! That's right, a hill in Central Park -- not some private gated park. I must admit though, it really wasn't that annoying since it was fuel for chuckles as Agatha and I would continue on our way to one of our favorite areas, Bethesda Fountain. "Heck, who wanted to hang out with a bunch of snorting Pugs anyway?"