Saturday, April 17, 2010

Miriam Haskell - Her Spirit Lives On

While I was mucking out my garage today. Yes, I said mucking...the term used for cleaning out a horse stall. Okay, okay -- I don't have horses; but the term always seems to be the perfect descriptor of what happens when I clean out the garage. Anyhow, I came upon a yet unopened moving box -- yes, I did move several years ago. Don't ask, please.

And, lo and behold I uncovered Miriam Haskell! Well, not the Miriam Haskell (now that would be weird) but a book written about the woman and her jewelry. Break time! I haven't really looked at this book in years so it was fabulous to revisit it. And, think what you want, but no I wasn't just looking for a reason to stop mucking. After leafing through page after page of images of glorious hand-assembled designs, I was reminded that my work is heavily influenced by her beautiful pieces from the 30s and 40s. Let's see -- she loved Czech glass...I love Czech glass. She loved glass baroque pearls...I love glass baroque pearls. She loved clusters made from a wild mix of beads...I love clusters made from a wild mix of beads. She loved paying attention to every tiny little detail. I love paying attention to every tiny little detail. Oh, stop the madness. I had my "ah-ha" moment when I flipped the page and saw several necklaces -- all consisting of five-strands of a jumble of beads made from glass. Just lovely. I would love to post a few images of her things here, but being respectful of copyright laws and not so fond of attorneys, I won't. If you aren't familiar with her history and her designs you can google her and get a pretty good idea of what she was all about. Now, I am contemplating which of my designs I should post with this entry -- one that most represents the influence of the genius of Miriam. Thinking, thinking, thinking.