Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gladys Magazine "Thank You"

The summer issue of Gladys Magazine finally arrived in the mail a few minutes ago. I say finally, because I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival so I could see the editorial coverage of my jewelry.

For those of you who don't know how these things work, a few months ago, 
Andrea Forte, the editor of the mag contacted me. She wanted to feature a few of my jewelry designs in The Jewel Box section of her magazine. Of course, I was thrilled. It's always fun to be included in a publication that takes me out of my little world. Once I stopped saying yes, yes, yes...the big decision became that of selecting the pieces to showcase. You can see the end result of all that fussing and fuming...two of my favorite pieces...showing the range of style in my line. How do you like the subtle arrows? As if you couldn't find the pieces on your own!!

If you aren't familiar with the might want to pop in to your local Barnes & Noble and check out the mag rack. Gladys has nationwide distribution so you should be able to find it on a rack near you. What a way to end the month and start July! Thanks Andrea for your interest and incredibly hard work in everything you do. For those friends of mine from the fashion/beauty modeling world you might know Andrea from Patrick Talent Agency in Pennsylvania. Thanks again -- and now I think I need to find something bubbly with which to celebrate. While grammatically correct...doesn't that sentence just sound wrong? Hm-m-m. Anyhow, I wish you were all here to celebrate with me...and Beatrix!