Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Breaking Rules with Beautiful Jewels!

Oh boy -- while I was trying to do some fancy-schmancy collage image in PhotoShop Elements that included both of these images in one, I just about lost my mind. I am sure it is much easier than I am making it -- but it's another old dog story. That being said -- I am so excited to share an article penned by moi in the new Wedding Issue of Gladys Magazine! Imagine me...writing about wedding jewelry. Not so hard to do really. I am a writer and a jewelry designer -- and I have designed jewelry for brides and wedding participants for many years -- so it shouldn't be too hard to fathom, right? Why then was I stumped when the time came to actually write something entertaining? I think it is one of those things that no matter how many times you do something -- every time still feels like the first. At least to me. When taking on a writing task, other than the blog you are reading, I like to do my homework and be sure I have all the background material needed before I write even one word. I know that I probably gather too much information; but it has always been my experience that it is better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. Since this article was about a few things near and dear to my heart I decided to look back at my own wedding -- I mean way, way, way back. In doing just that, I came across old pix (it's true, they did have cameras in those days!) and I was reminded of many of the challenges I had as a bride. Back then, there were so many rules -- I couldn't have this kind of music, I couldn't have that kind of cake, I couldn't have those flowers mixed together -- honestly, it's no wonder people elope! Anyhow -- the end result is what I think is a fun little bit of prose about breaking the wedding rules -- especially when it comes to jewels.

If you aren't familiar with Gladys Magazine -- I say run, don't walk, to the nearest Barnes & Noble and pick one off the magazine stand ASAP. If you live in a little tiny town like I do and it is a day trip just to get to the bookstore (by the way, I feel your pain) you can subscribe to this unique magazine by visiting http://www.gladysmagazine.com/. And, in just a few days -- there in your very own mailbox will be your very own Wedding Issue to indulge your senses. Don't be expecting your cookie-cutter bridal mag. This issue is filled with magic -- gowns that are exquisite, settings that are beautiful and just lots of uplifting and nice things to experience. Oh, did I mention they highlight one of my old haunts in SoCal -- La Quinta Resort with all their little comfy 1920s casitas. Oh, I remember lots of laughter, some great golf and relaxing days spent there with friends. Sigh...I was actually surprised to see it talked up in the same issue as my article -- coinky-dink? Not sure -- but it was enjoyable for me and I think you will not be disappointed in the magazine. It's a must for all brides-to-be and anyone just wanting an escape from the ordinary. Thank you Gladys for believing in me and my jewelry. I so appreciate your love and support since first we met. And, that my friends, is a message from the heart. Now, go, get your issue before they are all gone.