Thursday, April 28, 2011


As I sit here waiting for a friend to come out of brain surgery, I am reminded of just how fragile life truly is. While I have lived most of my years with the belief that life, indeed, can turn on a dime; sometimes we just get so caught up in the "living" part that we forget about the "life" part. Life is truly lived moment by moment -- we are only assured of this exact moment right now. When I was studying acting in NYC, coaches would always remind us to "be in the moment" while on set or stage. I carry that thinking with me in life -- it's so important to be present in each and every moment. So, it is my hope to not sound maudlin with all of this. I am a writer under it all and writing is my way to deal with the challenges that pop up along the path I've chosen. So, while my thoughts are with, and for, my dear friend and his family, it also seems important for me to encourage you to stop for just a moment to give thanks and be grateful for all that you hold in your heart.