Monday, April 25, 2011

Decoration or Touchstone?

So, I've been on a pendant path of late. Not sure exactly what inspired it; but it's where I've been lately. Perhaps thoughts (or wishes) of warmer days, lighter clothes and just a bob or bit around the neck or maybe a necklace that can be used as a touchstone of sorts, offering a bit of peace in a hectic day. Here's a secret -- I love big pieces of gemstones! Ha -- so okay, not really a secret but it is so true. Something about the way they look, of course, but often times it is as much about the way they feel. Always cool to the touch, and depending on the cut and faceting, in most cases, there is a smoothness about them that can't be copied in plastic. I do know that when I wear a bracelet made from bigger gemstones, I spend a lot of time fiddling with it throughout the day. Not in an "I can't wait to get this thing off kind of way" but in a calming almost meditative kind of way. I know, I know -- it's just jewelry, right? Well, not for me. It seems that I use jewelry for more reasons than pure decoration.

There is much lore around the powers of gemstones -- and it is fun to read up on the different stones. I do think they carry a certain energy of mother earth -- of all things that came before. How could they not? Considering the fact that many of the gemstones I use in my designs are thousands of years in the making (gemstones, not the jewelry...I'm old but not that old) that's a lot of energy to wear. I think my fascination with these simpler designs has to do with showcasing the beauty of a single stone while giving you a touchstone that hopefully offers a bit of calm and peace when you wear and touch it. Not quite sure why I feel the need for this right at the moment -- but I have learned over time that when an inspiration hits me it's best to just go with the flow and see what comes out of the studio. When I follow my heart the result is usually pretty nice -- at least I think so. I hope that you feel the same -- it would be fun to hear your thoughts.