Monday, April 27, 2009


This azalea graces the walkway leading to my front porch -- totally beautiful. While orange is not a color I have in my wardrobe; it certainly makes an appearance in my jewelry collection. When it comes to the colors of carnelian, fire agate or hessonite garnet -- I say "let the orange shine through." With orange being such a strong fashion color this year -- a good way to get the look but not feel like your auditioning for the role of the Great Pumpkin might be to pop it with a piece of jewelry like the one I've posted here. Paired with white, khaki, tan, browns and yes, even black, the "creamsicle" feel of the design gives your wardrobe the hint of the orange trend without being fashionista trendy. Gosh, I am so happy that spring is really here. I can't wait to see what blooms tomorrow. Seems that once spring comes to this part of the country there is no slowing it down.