Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mixing it Up with Joan Rivers

Today, I was listening to Joan Rivers on QVC and it hit me -- I have been collecting her jewelry for 19 years. Yes, 19 years and I am not afraid to admit it. I started with "just the enamel bangles" and that lasted about one visit.

I then added brooches and the mini-egg collection -- I just love those little eggs. Tiny things with lots of detail have always been fascinating to me -- I think that is why I love designing and making jewelry. It's just a lot of little things put together to make something bigger. Last week when I went to Dundee to get a haircut and color by Amy (hairdresser extraordinaire!) I put on one of the newer bold rope designs with the smoky quartz and Russian amazonite drops and, because I just can't wear one, I was looking for ways to layer it. I was so excited when I put on a pair of Joan Rivers brown leather bangles from many, many, many years ago -- all three looked fabulous together. At least I think so. I had to take a pix so everyone could see what I am talking about. I just love the look. I think it is timeless -- not trendy, just classic and timeless with a bit of a snap. I love that I don't have to have all new stuff every season, I can just add one new thing and then rummage around in my collection and play. It really is fun. So, give it a try and do the unexpected. You'll be surprised at what you get!